Home Gaming: Best Ways to Create a Silent Game Setup

by Burns & Egan Realty Group, LLC 04/11/2022

Having a room in your home that’s dedicated to gaming can provide a comfortable place to unwind and even hang out with other people if you play multiplayer games online. Since some video games and gaming PCs can make a lot of noise, it’s important to think about how to reduce these sounds.

You can set up a silent gaming room in several ways to make sure you’re able to have fun without disturbing your loved ones. These tips can help you create a gaming room without all the noise.

Build a Silent PC or Soundproof Box

Depending on your technical skills and comfort levels, you may build a silent PC together on your own. If you build a silent PC, this can significantly reduce noise problems in your gaming room. If you already have a PC to use, consider building a soundproof box for it with plywood panels and pieces of acoustic foam. Just leave one side open for ventilation. Placing your PC inside this box can help block noise from reaching other parts of your home.

Block Noise from the Door

Gaming sounds can easily leak through your door, especially if it’s hollow instead of solid. Consider replacing a hollow door with a solid wood door to block as much noise as possible. If you’re unable to replace the door or if you need extra sound reduction, hanging a blanket on the door can help prevent noise from leaking out of the room. Using a door draft stopper or dampening seals can also reduce noise.

Soundproof Walls, Ceiling and Floor

Depending on how much soundproofing you need, you can cover the walls, ceiling and floor to block noise. Adding another layer of drywall to walls provides excellent sound reduction, although this can be a costly and time-consuming project. An easier option for your walls is acoustic foam panels, which effectively block sound. Sealing up gaps and cracks in walls also helps reduce noise leakage. Acoustic ceiling tiles or soundproofing blankets can make your ceiling more soundproof if your gaming room is on the first floor or in the basement. You can cover the floor in heavy blankets or mats to block noise as well.

Soundproof Windows

Sounds from your gaming room can leak through or around windows, so you should take steps to soundproof these areas. This can help block noise from bothering your neighbors, especially if your houses are close together. Closing up cracks and gaps around windows helps keep noise inside your gaming room. You can also use soundproofing curtains on windows to prevent noise from leaking outside. If needed, you might put in another window pane for additional sound reduction.

Use a Headset

If you’re looking for a simple way to ensure a silent gaming room, consider using a headset. Headsets won’t block noise coming from your PC, such as the fan, but they’ll direct noise from your speakers to your ears. This can help prevent game noises or other players’ voices from bothering household members.